Franco’s reburial and partial closure for Spain’s civil war sufferers

Or perhaps he felt sick. Best months later, Franco become dead and the Spanish human beings started any other lengthy march, toward democratic rule and an unsure, gradual-motion reckoning with a horrible past. A highly enormous step along that twisting route got here remaining week. Franco’s corpse, interred for the past forty four years in Continue Reading

Brexit bias? BBC faces a difficult balancing act in polarised nation

Media bias is continually within the eyes of the beholder. So, on one aspect, folks who aid leaving the eu regard the BBC because the Brussels Broadcasting organisation. Those who are searching for to stay, meanwhile, view it because the Brexit Broadcasting enterprise. This is acquainted ground for Britain’s major public carrier broadcaster. Think lower Continue Reading

No person offers a hoot approximately my Brexit misery

Aspiteful leave owl howled outside my forest cabin window at some stage in Monday night time, the gloom-chicken of sick omen. “Tu-whit tu-whoo. We voted to leave,” it cried. I am now not a superstitious individual, but the following day’s Brexit vote became weighing heavily upon my restless Remoaner thoughts. “Honk your effective distress outdoor Continue Reading

Letters: the arts are vital for young humans

Actress Julie Hesmondhalgh was right to explicit her worries that arts education is visible as a luxury (“cleaning soap megastar assaults school arts funding ‘conspiracy’”, information). Her remarks were in response to the findings of the Durham fee on Creativity and schooling, which said worries approximately the discount of the repute of arts topics, together Continue Reading